Truth Bombs

Sometimes putting work out there seems irrelevant... It is so important, though. You are the only one working for yourself and if you don’t put the time into letting others know whatever it is you are passionate about you will miss out on the opportunity to be recognized, to grow from those opportunities or interactions your work will bring you.

I had the chance to be selected to be part of 50 artists featured in a publication from down under that strongly believes that art still influences popular culture. The book is going to be filled with the work of artists from around the globe creating visuals to make a sound in this very noisy and crowded world. It’s also a sticker book which is pretty cool.

To sum it up, keep at it! The effort is worth every win. #art #feature #illustration #truthbombs#publication #design #selected #work#perseverence #payoff

A SMILE A DAY - This piece got me in the book :)

jessie maisonneuve